Fall Epic 8 Hour - Sept 25, Hardwood Ski and Bike

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What is Epic 8 Hour?
Why Do Epic 8 Hour?

Fall Rules/Regs.


A Great Event for Riding Friends!
The Epic 8 Hour Relay Series is all about the camaraderie, sportsmanship and the gritty, hard-core enjoyment of riding with friends. The Epic 8 Hour relay is a personal and team challenge to complete as many laps as possible. Whether riding just for fun, or vying for a podium spot in your category, the Epic 8 Hour will be a memorable experience
Using Ontario's premier Mountain Bike destinations and trails, the Epic 8 Hour Series promises the best in facilities, fun and varied courses, and support for riders.

- Check out these Awesome Custom CoolMax Socks! First 700 registered riders get them FREE!!!
- Overall Series Champion Jersey for Solo and Tag Team categories.
- Enter Fall Epic 8 by Sept 18, and get your Team Name on your number plate

What is the Epic 8 Hour?
The Epic 8 Hour takes place over a 8 hour time frame on a 10 km loop course which starts and finishes at the same location.  The object is not to finish first, but to complete the greatest number of laps before the end of the event.  There is a solo category for the hard cores, but most people do it as a (2 person, 3-4 person, or 5-6 person) team.  Only one member of the team is on the course at any one time, in other words you take turns riding.

Why do an Epic 8 Hour?
There are several reasons why its' more fun than a conventional race.
  1. Because the race is defined by time, not distance, nobody finishes “last”. All riders finish the race at about the same time. Slower riders can ride at their own pace without feeling like they are “holding up” anyone. Faster riders who want a good workout can put in more laps and ride more distance.
  2. In a conventional race, most of us never see the faster riders after the start line, and never see them in action at all. In an Epic 8 Hour, most of us will get passed by faster riders at some point. These “fast guys and girlz” are inspiring to watch, and it’s a good chance to see how skillfully these talented athletes negotiate the course.
  3. When your team-mate is out riding, you get to relax, hang out with friends at the start/finish area, and watch the progress of the other teams. 
    “Enduro and Team Relay races are credited with the revival of mountain bike racing in recent years, mainly as a result of their participation and festival nature”.

So if you have never participated in an Epic 8 Hour, it’s a good chance to give it a try, challenge yourself, meet some other riders, and celebrate our sport!

The Course  - Course Map Now Posted
The Epic 8 Hour courses are approx. 10 km, comprised of some of the most fun, fast and rolling trails. The courses have a good selection of challenges, but will not be overly technical for newer riders. The courses for all the events are completely different, and have a very different feel.
The Epic 8 Hour Relay Series is timed using the proprietary Chico Racing Chip Timing system, famous from the Chico Racing 24 HR events, to ensure accurate and instantaneous results.

Epic Kids Ride
The Epic Kids Ride is designed to provide the little ones with a special event just for them, and include them in a fun day for the whole family.  This is a fun oriented, non-competitive event, where the kids are challenged to ride as many laps as possible within the 15 minute time limit.
All pre-registered Epic Kids will receive a special Epic 8 Hour souvenir, and other treats for participation.

- Top three teams in each category will receive trophy plaques or medals.
- Draw Prizes available for each person including a Bike as Grand Draw Prize at Awards.
- Free Race souvenir to first 700 registered

Series Points for Solo and Tag Team
Series Points will be awarded for all Solo and Tag Team categories. An Overall Champion Jersey will be awarded to the Series Winners in each category after the Fall event.
Points are awarded in each division and category, and not transferable across categories. Team Name, Team Members and Category must be the same for all 3 races.
Dukes Cycle 

JoyRide 150

Fall Epic 8 Hour at Hardwood Ski and Bike
Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010
Important Dates and Schedule of Events:

Sunday, Sept 5
Deadline for Early Entry Discount

Saturday Sept 18
Last chance registration to get Team Name on Customized Number Plate

Wednesday, Sept 22
Final Entry deadline at midnight!

Friday, Sept 23
1:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Package Pick-up and Waiver check.
Note: Only Team Captains may do the registration and package pick-up. Team Captains are encouraged to do this Friday night to avoid the rush Saturday morning.

Saturday, Sept 25
7:30 am - 9:45 am - Package Pick-up and Waiver check.
9:30 am - Team Captains Meeting
10:00 am - 6:30 pm - Epic 8 Hour Relay
2:00 pm - 2:20 pm - Epic Kids’ Ride
5:30 pm - Course Closed, no new riders on course
6:00 pm - Last rider to count
6:15 pm - Awards and Draw Prizes
What does my entry include?
  • First 700 registered get a race souvenir custom Epic 8 Hour Coolmax Socks.
  • Each team member get a souvenir number plate.
  • Awesome race course on some of Ontario's best trails.
  • Chip Timing for instantaneous results.
  • Hardwood Ski and Bike facilities, and discounted pre-riding on Friday for all participants.
  • Medals and/or trophies for the top three teams in each category.
  • Excellent draw prizes for everyone

How do I Enter?
Team captains are to enter on-line using links below. You should submit your entire team roster on your registration. If there are changes, please email us your new team rosters at least 3 days before the event to keep registration delays to a minimum on event site. In case of last minute emergency, you can still change your team rosters on site before the event. email: glenn "at" pulseracing.ca
NOTE: No Day-of Entry          Fall Entry Deadline Wednesday Sept. 22 at midnight.
Looking for Team Members or
looking for a Team to join.

Epic 8 Hour Categories
Age/Sub Category
minimum age for Solo is 16 yrs, minimum age for teams is 10 yrs.
What is it?
All entries include OCA Permit Fees
  • Male
  • Male - Master  40+
  • Male - Single Speed
  • Female
A personal challenge for one rider to complete as many laps as possible in 8 hours.
Entry Fee: $80.00    *early bird entry $75.00
2 Person
Tag Team
  • Open - combined age 69 & under
  • Open - combined age 70 & over
  • Female
  • Mixed
Two riders alternate laps, tag team style, to complete as many laps as possible. Each rider must complete at least one lap.
Entry Fee: $145.00/team    *early bird entry $130.00
3-4 Person
Relay Team
  • Open - combined age 79 & under
  • Open - combined age 80 - 119
  • Open - combined age 120 - 159
  • Open - combined age 160 - 199
  • Open - combined age 200 & over
  • All Female
  • Mixed - 2 M/2 F, combined age 139 & under
  • Mixed - 2 M/2 F, combined age 140 & over
A team of up to 4 riders alternate laps, relay style, to complete as many laps as possible in 8 hours. Each rider must complete at least one lap. Lap order may change at the team discretion. Team category is based on the total combined age of 4 riders (or 4 times the average age of 3 riders).
Entry Fee: $220.00/team    *early bird entry $200.00
5-6 Person
Relay Team
  • Open 6 Person
A team of up to 6 riders alternate laps, relay style, to complete as many laps as possible in 8 hours. Each rider must complete at least one lap. Lap order may change at the team discretion. Team category is based on the total combined age of 6 riders (or 6 times the average age of the actual riders).
Entry Fee: $290.00/team    *early bird entry $270.00
Epic Kid's
  • age 10 yrs & under
Entry Fee: $10.00
*Early Bird Entry – by Sept. 5th, 9:00 pm
Regretably the new HST will greatly affect the fees for all sporting events. We have reduced the pre-tax fees from 2009, but the above fees do not include GST (if paid before May 1), or HST (if paid after May 1)

Team Registration

The team captain should show up early to register their teams on Friday or early Saturday.  You will pick up your number plates, souvenir and make sure all the team information we have is correct.  This is a pretty simple process and it will be your job to pass out the number plates to the rest of your team mates.  The event site isn’t huge so finding your team mates shouldn’t be a problem.

Waiver Check - Licence and Permits
Your entry fee includes all OCA licence and permit fees. We are trying to simplify the entire process, and continue to support the OCA athlete development programs.
Now each rider must complete and sign the event waiver to receive a special sticker
for their number plate allowing them to race.  This process will be open until early afternoon and individual riders can go through this process at their own leisure, but they must get the sticker before racing.
Please view or print off this pdf waiver in advance to be sure to fully understand them . Minors must have parent or legal guardian complete the waiver and have signature of witness.
OCA Waiver (pdf)
Mountain Biking is an active outdoor sport with inherent risks. OCA licence, citizen permit, or one-day permit does not insure the rider for any risks or injury. Always be sure to ride within your ability, and be aware that course conditions may change unexpectantly.

Team Captains Meeting 9:30am Saturday Morning
We’ll go over the "chip baton", chip reader, and most of the rules and regulations at this time, and individual questions.  This is a fun event and if you’ve done an Epic 8 Hour or Chico Racing 24 HR relay before, you know how the process goes, if you haven’t we’ll give you the simple version at 9:30 am.

2010 Fall Epic 8 Hour Rules and Regulations - Click here for PDF

The Epic 8 Hour course will be lightly marked and open for pre-riding at least 3 weeks prior to the event. The course is open for pre-riding during regular Hardwood  hours of operation. Regular Trail Fees apply.  Group Discounts and 6 Packs are available.
Discounted trail fees apply for Teams arriving Friday, once the race package has been picked up and each rider has completed the Licence/Permit check.

Breakfast and Meals
The Trails End Cafe will be open at 7:00 am for an awesome breakfast menu.

The Cafe will also be serving their Regular menu and full BBQ menu all day.
The BBQ will have hamburgers and hotdogs all day or come inside and enjoy a made to order sandwich, salad, fries and more…

Carriage Ridge Resort Guests may receive special group rates by:
Telephone call 866-553-8902, ask for your Hardwood Ski and Bike Event Rate
Email reschr@shellvacationa.com
Online at www.carriageridgeresort.com promotion code "Hardwood"
Mac Occ.
Fall Epic 8 Hour Rate
Resort Suite
1 Bedroom Suite
2 Bedroom Suite
Reservations will be confirmed based on availability.

Epic 8 Hour contact:
Pulse Racing Inc. www.pulseracing.ca
4285 Forestwood Dr. Orillia, Ontario, L3V 6H3
ph 705.259.2900    fax 705.259.2901
email:  glenn "at" pulseracing.ca

Directions:  Hardwood Ski and Bike

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